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We offer everything you need to build your Web presence. We can create audio, video or animated graphics to bring your site alive. We can give you the power of e-commerce on-line selling.  We can give your site a unique and interactive appearance that will attract and retain visitors. 

The best way for you to see our innovative, collaborative approach to web creation, is to see our portfolio.  You can contact us any time and let us make your web vision come alive!  

Our unique approach involves you, our customer in every aspect of your e-vison conceptual design,  planning, construction, implementation and enhancement.

The e-experience of creating your internet presence should be exciting, fun and rewarding. Not a e-nightmare. Netsaints makes the process enjoyable. 

Conceptual Design - What are we trying to achieve and what are the ultimate goals of the site? How much is this thing going to cost? When can I have people clicking away at my site?  What will the site domain name (www.you.com) be? (We can register your name for you.)

Site Design - How is the site going to function? What will it look like? Who is the target? After these questions are answered, we will build a demo/prototype for you to 'play around' with until you are satisfied with the design YOU helped to create.

Construction -  We take the prototype and 'finish it off' placing content (pictures, sounds, text, databases etc.) into the final product.

Implementation - Making the site live. After extensive testing the site is web ready and can be 'turned on' for actual use.

Enhancement - For a period of time we monitor your site and make necessary adjustments. We can also register the site with several search engines.

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[technical services]

  • Services include: •Monthly site maintenance •Site promotion  •Creating logos, graphics or sound files •Web copywriting •Inclusion of sound/music content(Full 256 track digital recording studio) • Conversion/creation of Real Audio, wav or MP3 audio from any source (Tape,DAT,Digital)  •Animation •Thumbnail graphics •Image scanning •ecommerce online order or request forms using secure socket layer encryption •Training and consulting • Java applets • JavaScript •CGI Scripts in perl or C.

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[internet server options]

Even if you have no idea of what server option you need(or what a server is for that matter) we will choose the most appropriate option for your site.

UNIX Server

  • Net Saints UNIX solution will give you fully virtual web and FTP presence, full UNIX database usage (mSQL, mySQL, PostgreSQL), all E-mail services (POP3/IMAP, unlimited forwarding, unlimited autoresponders, mailing lists, etc.), full Telnet access, and more, with your own domain and IP.

  • Your site will be hosted on Sun SPARC and UltraSPARC high-duty Internet servers with 24h/365 day monitoring and regular backups. All on independent multiple DS-3 and T1 connections to major Internet backbones.

Windows NT Server

  • Net Saints Windows NT solution will give you fully virtual web and FTP presence, full range of E-mail services, full Telnet access, MS front-page, Active Server Pages, MS Index Server, Cold Fusion, Allaire Forums, Microsoft SQL 6.5, full ODBC connectivity, MS Visual InterDev capability, and other Windows NT specific services. The service is based on Windows NT 4.0 and MS IIS 4.0.

  • Your site will be hosted on dual Pentium Pro processor servers with 24h/365 day monitoring and regular backups. All are connected via independent multiple DS-3 and T1 connections to major Internet backbones and are guaranteed have 99.9% availability. 

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[our staff]

  • Our staff has has over 15 years data processing experience. We specialize in the design and implementation of systems solutions. We have the experience to get the job started quickly and the dedication to see it through to completion.

Thanks for considering Net Saints in creating your web. If you have questions about a package to your needs, or if you don't see something you need,  please contact us. We will respond to you within hours.
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